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IT4IT Certification


The IT4IT Certification Program is a Knowledge based certification Program. Currently, it has one level: IT4IT Foundation.

The Open Group IT4IT  is a standard reference architecture and value chain based operating model for managing the business of IT.

IT4IT Certification Process
IT4IT Certification Process

IT4IT Certification

The learning objective at this level focuses on knowledge and comprehension. It certifies that Candidate has gained knowledge of the terminology, structure, basic concepts of the IT4IT Reference Architecture, and understands the core principles of the reference architecture and the IT Value Chain.The successful Candidate gets listed by the Open Group Certification Authority in the Certification Directory.


A candidate can self-study or attend an Accredited Training course.

  • The IT4IT Foundation Certification exam have multiple-choice question format.
  • Exam duration is 60 minutes and  consists of  40 questions.
  • It is a closed book exam and the pass mark is 65%(26 out of 40 questions).
  • Always consult the current policy for retakes on the Open Group.
  • Currently , candidate is not allowed to retake the examination within one (1) month.

The exam covers the topic areas listed in the table below. Number of questions asked from each topic area are summarised here.

No of Questions
IT4IT Overview
Basic Concepts
IT4IT Core
Strategy to Portfolio Value Stream
Requirement to Deploy Value Stream
Request to Fulfill Value Stream
Detect to Correct Value Stream

Source: Open Group IT4IT Foundation Study Guide

This means you can earn better score by mastering all the topics that covers most of the questions asked in the examination.

IT4IT Exam Top Tips

Onscreen tutorial before exam

Watch the onscreen tutorial before you begin the actual exam. The onscreen tutorial is an online exam test simulation that gives you a sense of what you will see in your actual test.It reflects the full functionality of actual exam. Trying this, it will help you understand how the examination work and make you comfortable before you start the exam. The exam time will start only when you finish the practice and start the actual test.

Read carefully each questions

Some questions may seem to have more than one correct answer. In order to score correctly, please ensure that you have read all the options, and then choose the option that is most correct of all.

Review in the end

Answer the questions you know first. Leave the questions you cannot answer or have doubts for reviewing later. Mark the question for review and move to next. At the end of the exam, review all that are marked. This way you can save time in answering and give time to questions you not sure of later.

Answer all the questions

Aim to attempt and answer all the questions in the exam by applying all the knowledge you have for the subject. Leaving them unanswered result in low scoring and reduce your chances of achieving best possible score.

Practice the exam questions

It’s always a best practise to take a practice or mock exam before appearing for the actual test. Taking a practice test helps learner to gain understanding of what topic areas they have ready mastered and what areas still need improvement.

Open Group IT4IT  Foundation Study guide covers every learning objective of the IT4IT foundation certification syllabus. It includes Test Yourself practice examination paper, that learner can attempt to understand and validate how much they have learned so far.

IT4IT Foundation Practice Tests
IT4IT Foundation Study Guide

Link to Open Group Resources and Guide

In addition to that, our Techbolo team have prepared own set of practice questions to help IT4IT community grow. Practicing these questions can be very helpful.

It covers all the topic areas in the Foundation guide. To start practicing, click the following link.

IT4IT – Part 1 (Foundation) – Exam Practice Questions – Test 1

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