IT4IT - Part 1 (Foundation) - Exam Practice Questions - Test 1

This practice test contains 20 questions, each correct answer with a marking score of 1 point.

Duration: 30 Minutes
Pass Exam: 13/20 Questions
The IT4IT TM certification program is a knowledge based certification program.Currently it have one level, IT4IT Foundation Level 1, which leads to certification for IT4IT TM Foundation Part 1 (Level 1).


 Please Read : The actual IT4IT Level 1 exam conducted by Open Group IT4IT consists of 40 questions and exam duration is 60 minutes, with a passing score of 65%(26/40).

This exam test you are attempting now is a set of 20 questions prepared by Techbolo team as a helpful resource for those who are aiming to achieve IT4IT Foundation certification.It covers all the topic areas in Foundation Guide.


There are 20 questions in this survey.